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Harbor Dining Set
Price RM2,976.00 - RM9,720.00
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Leather / Velvet Fabric Chair, Wood

Size Dimension:
16x09 Table  L160cm x W90cm x H95cm
21x10 Table  L210cm x W106cm x H75cm
24x12 Table  L240cm x W120cm x H75cm
Brown Tufting Leather Chair  L40cm x W47cm x H103cm
Yeveria Leather Chair  L40cm x W47cm x H103cm
Scorpy Leather Chair  L40cm x W47cm x H103cm
Burgundy Leather Chair  L54cm x W48cm x H100cm
Beige Leather Chair  L54cm x W48cm x H100cm
Diamond Fabric Chair  L55cm x W55cm x H95cm

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Marble has been a symbol of luxury for centuries. This stunning natural stone is famous for its opulent appearance that oozes grace and elegance. It is at the top of the expensive material charts, homeowners who love the classic beauty style or the modern minimalistic approach, opt for this stone when it comes to decoration of their indoor and outdoor spaces. This stone has been a favorite of kings and queens throughout the history which is why it was extensively used in buildings such as palaces, temples, government building and iconic wonders such the Taj Mahal.

Marble is found in a variety of colors, veining intensity and finishes. You can create outstanding products with this alluring natural stone. The appearance of marble products looks ten times more dazzling when the sunlight hits their surface due to which they are favored by those who like the lush vibe around them.

Marble products are quite strong and retain their beauty if they are maintained properly. Resealing and polishing after every 6 months can help in keeping them in brand new condition.

Dining Table

A dining table is an essential part of a house’s furniture. This table has a critical role in making or breaking your dining room’s whole look which is why its selection should be taken as seriously as picking a tile for the flooring of your home. Dining tables are also falling in the most used furniture category. It is that piece of furniture which also plays the part of the main centerpiece when you are entertaining your guests or throwing lavish dinner parties. This furniture is the one-time investment that reflects the homeowners’ taste and personality which is why the only the best should be bought.

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What's in the box

1 x Dining Set
16x09 Dining Set Includes:
1 x Marble Table
6 x Chairs (of your choice)


1 x Dining Set
21x10 Dining Set Includes:
1 x Marble Table
8 x Chairs (of your choice)


1 x Dining Set
24x12 Dining Set Includes:
1 x Marble Table
8 x Velvet Fabric chairs


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