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Celic Marble Table Grey Dining Set (1 Table Dining + 8 Dining Chair)
Price RM1,880.00 - RM4,700.00
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Brand Bahagia
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celic dining set

high quality marble leg with marble top that withstand hot temperature food.

comfortable leather cushion chair with durable wood frame.

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A dinner table can serve so many more purposes than just sitting down for dinner. The surface can be used for a family game night, poker night with the guys and gals, or simply gathering for a cup of coffee with friends. Regardless of what activities it's used for, this Dining Table will be a popular spot for whatever action the day brings. This modern style table features a base with an uncommon design, sure to set your dining room apart. When you do use this table for meals, the smooth easy to clean marble surface will make a quick post-dinner wipe down

What's in the box
1 x Table Dining  (Marble Top + Marble Leg Table)
8 x  Dining Chair

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What's in the box

1 x Dining Set


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